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Consciousness is more than simply being awake. The word is used to describe what people are, their individuality. They are individual, separate consciousnesses.

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When analysing what creativity is, it is helpful to consider creativity as something that is necessary for the discovery of new solutions to problems. Solving problems is not just a scientific or engineering activity, even artists are commissioned to express a concept or an idea in a certain way.
What makes one solution creative and another simply ordinary. It seems that it is often the context within which the solution is offered that establishes creativity. This means that creativity is not simply a mental process. There may be little to distinguish creativity from expertise, for instance.

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Idea Management

If somebody has a new idea, how do they record it, store and retrieve it, or validate the idea.

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Recent work on innovation in business has identified conflict of definition. Some authorities see innovation, not as the process of generating ideas but the process of developing the ideas into a final product. However, not all businesses feel this way and many see the generation of novel ideas as being true innovation. The Collins dictionary shows innovation as ‘something newly introduced such as a new method or device’.
We believe that it is more helpful, and indeed accurate to see innovation as the process of generating ‘innovative’ ideas and the process of exploiting these ideas as something separate.

This section is further divided into 9 further subsections on innovation education, innovation environment, innovation evaluation, innovation organisations, innovation people, innovation process, innovation promotion, motivation, motivation discussion

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This section is further divided into subsections on forgetting, how to learn, human memory,learning, memory capability, physical memory, remembering, studying and types of learning

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