Summary of the "Knowledge" section

A brief summary of the articles within each sub-section of this Knowledge section, with, first a brief descriptin and link to the BCS Machine Intelligence Competition


The theory of knowledge is very tightly tied up with the history of its evolution. New ideas are developed on top of the foundations created by earlier philosophers. Socrates and Plato were amongst the first group of philosophers to study knowledge and their influence is still important. Epistemology tackles the deeper philosophical issues surrounding knowledge such as "What it is possible to know?".

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Knowledge Engineeering

Knowledge engineering involves integrating knowledge into computer systems in order to solve complex problems normally requiring a high level of human expertise

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Knowledge Structure Mapping

Knowledge Structure Mapping (KSM) is a method to help those responsible for any activity to more effectively manage the knowledge which is held and applied by the people.
KSM has evolved through exposure to customer driven needs. The lines between research, design, development and deployment have not been drawn for KSM and all four functions continue to take place.

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Knowledge Management Guidelines

Knowledge Management is the process by which an organisation both values its knowledge resource and seeks to manage it effectively within the main stream of company activities.
This knowledge is pulled together from all relevent sources and in several many into a shared focus and language for a particular set of objectives and activities.

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Knowledge Representation

Knowledge representation is the presentation of gathered knowledge, using tools, rules and methods to put the knowledge in a format that enables a potential user of that knowledge to extract it, understand it and use it.
Formats, such as graphs, schema (such as xml), diagrams.

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Knowledge Transfer

knowledge transfer is the practical problem of transferring knowledge from the knowledge owner to another potential user of that knowledge.
Examples of knowledge transfer are: teaching, digital media, writing and other forms of communication.

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