Concentration Mistakes (2006)

Whilst enacting the belief that occasional redirection of focus to a new theme is good for creativity, I became interested in the mistakes that I was making. Not that making mistakes was a new thing, it was the analytical interest in them that was new. Designing and creating a very simple EPROM programmer using things that I already had was intended to be stimulating and allow me to think about different things, different that is from knowledge. The programmer was to be for one type of EPROM that I used for my ‘Intelligent Home’ project (M27C2001 for anyone interested) and intended to address a long standing problem that could have been solved by purchasing a programmer.EPROM Programmer

The results were that I ended up with a working EPROM programmer and also some thoughts about mistakes that are the subject of this paper. The examples of the mistakes made during this short project are simply intended to represent general mistakes. They are also there to help place the whole thing in context. Whilst the subject of mistakes will be very much larger than the part of it addressed here, it is still possible to draw general conclusions from the analysis that could give food for thought to business and organisational planners as well as individuals involved in project work.

The main conclusion to be drawn is that efficient working needs to take account of the way people are. Whilst science still does not know how the sum of neuronal, endocrine and physical systems affect the whole person and the way they function, some important advances have been made. It may be true to say that people do not always work the way those managing people would like them to work.

The full (8 page pdf) paper can be viewed here.